Philippa Moorcroft (played by Celia Imrie) worked in Human Resources at HDW Components. She started off the job with very little knowledge of how to understand and communicate with people but she eventually started to understand people and her friendships with her colleagues grew.

Childhood and Pre-Canteen LifeEdit

The only thing we know about Philippa is that she was born to Hilary. (Moods).

She lived just outside of Guildford, Surrey.

She moved from her previous job to try to give her relationship with Mr Michael a chance.


Philippa was a very enthusiatic worker and always wanted to find the best in her workers by attempting to boost moral. The other workers didn't always understand her and saw her as a nuisance. She organised events including a Bring Your Mother to Work Day. (Moods) Towards the end of her time at HDW Components, she started to loosen up a bit and told her fellow, and often wooden, employee Stan to lighten up before leaving. (Toast)

In the CanteenEdit

Philippa moved to the company to try to keep her relationship with Mr Michael going. As a worker in Human Resources, her job was to ensure that the workers were as happy as can be in their workplaces. She gave counselling to those who needed it, much to the annoyance of Tony who thought it to be a waste of time, and organised events to keep the workers happy. (No reference yet)

During the second series, she realises that her relationship with Mr Michael isn't going too well and beings to plan her separation from him perfectly. Whilst she is considering how to do it, she is furious when Mr Michael breaks up with her first. After that, she starts a new relationship with Tom Murray, a man who apparently works in her office. Towards the end of Dinnerladies, she eventually stands up to Stan's constant droning on and tells him to simply "lighten up". (Toast)