Jean (played by Anne Reid) was a moody, sarcasting yet loving co-worker in the canteen of HDW Components. She had a very unsuccessful love life until meeting Stan.


Jean was contantly moaning and being moody to her fellow co-workers about something although she was very loyal and trustworthy. She annoyed her colleagues by her attempted reading without reading glasses. She was also known for picking the wrong lovers.

Childhood and Pre-Canteen LifeEdit

Not much is known about Jean's childhood apart from her mother being Connie. At some point, she married Keith and had a daughter, Liza.

In the CanteenEdit

Jean made friends with all of her co-workers but became best friends with Dolly. The two of them constatly bickered and made fun of each other but they were the best of friends, nonetheless. Whilst working at the canteen, Keith, her husband, left her for a dental hygienist, leaving her distraught. She took this out on her colleagues and when confronted, she decided to stay with her sister.

After rediscovering her confidence in herself, she had a fling with Barry, who was referred "the love muscle". After the relationship didn't work out, she fell for Stan and the two of them got engaged.