Dolly Bellfield
(played by Thelma Barlow), born 8th April (the year has not yet been revealed) to Enid , was canteen worker for HWD Components.

Childhood and Pre-Canteen LifeEdit

As a child, Dolly was obese and this is one explanation as to how her obsession with wieght loss and dieting begun. At some point, Dolly married Bob Bellfield, whose catchphrase "What say?" and whose selective hearing constantly annoyed her.


Dolly was usually seen with Jean and together they formed a bizarre friendship in which they were the best of friends yet they constantly bickered. Outside of this friendship, Dolly was a loyal, loving and enjoyable worker who was friends with all of the Canteen staff. She constantly moaned about the state of the society and normally blamed this on Tony Blair. (See Running jokes) She showed a slight dislike towards Philippa Moorcroft, who Dolly preferred to see wearing glasses, as they diminished Phillipa's nostrils.

In the CanteenEdit

Dolly lived a normal and peaceful life throughout her employment within the company.