Anita (played by Shobna Gulati) worked in the canteens of HDW Components. Although a lovely characters, she was regularly confused and embarrassed herself on many occassions. Her mother is an estate agent.

Childhood and Pre-Canteen LifeEdit

All that we know about Anita's childhood is that she was born on the 15th September 1975. Other information is not available.


Anita was not the cleverest of people and she sometimes made herself look silly by being rather stupid. She was, however, a very loyal friend and would bend over backwards to help her friends out. Anita was focused early on about having a family, which was something that happened in the second series.

In the CanteenEdit

Anita started off like the rest of the team until she became pregnant after a one night stand with a decorator. Shortly after giving birth, she was so scared about her future that she left her baby on the fire escape for Bren to find. A note attached stated that she was unsure what to do and that she knew how much Bren wanted a baby. She later returned, ready for the consequences, and collected her baby. She also mentioned that if she ever had a daughter, she would name it "Celine" after her favourite singer- Celine Dion.